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Rottweiler Terrorizes Ebute Meta Neighborhood, Owner Ignores Warnings


Preye Fakrogha

April 16, 2024
Ebute Meta, Lagos — Residents of Ebute Meta are living in fear due to a local rottweiler that has been repeatedly seen chasing neighbors in the area. The dog’s owner, known for leaving the animal unchained during walks, has become a source of frustration and concern for the community. Neighbors have frequently warned the owner about the dangers of leaving the rottweiler unrestrained, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.
The owner’s stubbornness has resulted in widespread anxiety, preventing many residents from engaging in outdoor activities such as walking or jogging, in fear of being attacked. Rottweilers, known for their roles as security dogs, have a reputation for being particularly brutal. Their powerful, jaws make them one of the most dangerous dog breeds, capable of inflicting severe harm. This breed’s formidable strength and guarding instincts, while beneficial in controlled environments, pose significant risks when not properly managed.
One resident, expressed her frustration: “We cannot continue to live in fear because of one man’s negligence. The safety of our children and the elderly is at stake.”

Local authorities have been notified, and community leaders are urging swift action to prevent any potential tragedies. The fear instilled by the rottweiler has disrupted the daily lives of many, with some residents choosing to stay indoors rather than risk an encounter with the dog.
As the situation escalates, the community is calling for stricter enforcement of animal control regulations to ensure the safety and peace of Ebute Meta’s residents. Until then, the neighborhood remains on high alert, hoping that their warnings will soon be heeded before any harm befalls an innocent person.