Home GNews No woman wants to share her man — Actress Iyabo Ojo

No woman wants to share her man — Actress Iyabo Ojo


No woman wants to share her man — Actress Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has issued a warning to men about their relations with other women aside their spouse.

Taking to her Instagram page on Friday, she cautioned men to pick their female companions carefully as women generally do not appreciate sharing their partners with other women.

She wrote, “From a Mother to MAN.

“If you have a reputation to protect, please guide it, protect it, never get carried away, and associate yourself with a person who has got nothing to lose. It never ends well …… be wise…..

“If there is not one person who is level-headed in your circle and can check you when need be, please ajust your circle….. be humble. Hidden secret of a womans heart.

“No woman wants to truly share a man, but some will allow it bcos of culture, religion, financial benefits, or sexual pleasures……. but deep down in a womans heart, she secretly desires to own the man all to herself, Note: some will accept their faith, while some will rather destroy everything if they can’t achieve their goals….be aware…….

“Woman disobeyed God, so who is man? that you’re not mindful of woman? Woman have caused wars between warriors, kings, and nations, so who are you …… be informed…..

“Man, the stick, btw your legs are not as strong as the word “MAN” sounds, if you lack self-control, then know your stick will have no respect for emotions, ….. your heart can never be prepared for the mistakes that await you…… be cautious……

“you can never be wiser than the one who first ate the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil….. be guided. ……

“When things happen to your fellow man, you’re not to mock nor judge, but learn from it so that you don’t find yourself in a similar situation or worse……….. be in control.

Credit: Instagram / iyaboojofespris