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How It Works



GlobalAlat is a terrific news platform just like any other news platform around. We are unique because we offer affiliate program on our products. This gives you an awesome opportunity to make some money with GlobalAlat.

We have a membership product which offers you in to their membership section.


How Much Can I Make on GlobalAlat?

Our major focus is to enable you earn enough using the affiliate system.

However, you can make as much as you can when converting to cash. Note that GlobalAlat is not a quick rich scheme, so don’t expect to make millions overnight on this platform.

A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean.

Immediately you join GlobalAlat you have an opportunity to earn Gaps. Gaps are GlobalAlat coins. They can be redeemed for airtime, cash, products and services. See available earnings for free members

GlobalAlat pays you 500 Gaps for registering on our site
GlobalAlat pays you 2 Gaps for daily log in
GlobalAlat pays you 1 Gaps for commenting on news
GlobalAlat  pays you 100 Gaps for publishing a news
GlobalAlat  pays you 100 Gaps for Ads Share
GlobalAlat pays you ₦50 for referring a friend
GlobalAlat pays users ₦30,000 cash for Global challenge day

Kindly note that All Gaps coins can be redeemed for cash, airtime, products and prizes weekly on  Fridays. While Affiliate earnings can be withdrawn weekly, every Friday of the week.