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How It Works


GlobalAlat is a terrific news platform just like any other news platform around. We are unique because we offer affiliate program on our products. This gives you an awesome opportunity to make some money with GlobalAlat.

We have a membership product which offers you in to their membership section. This product will also explain to you some earning opportunities you won't find anywhere

This membership GlobalAlat product cost for ₦5,000 but we are giving out for ₦2,000 this season, so I want you to take this business seriously. These are the opportunities in this ebook

  1. ClickBank secrets revealed (How to open a clickbank account and make at least $300 with it )
  2. How Open a verified Paypal Account In Nigeria ( this guide will teach you how to open a verified paypal account that can send, receive and withdraw directly to your bank account)
  3. $100 Survey App (You have get a survey app, that pays you $5 to $10 for surveys)
  4. 15 ways to make money with PayPal (Once you get this, you will learn how to earn at least $100 and you can withdraw it instantly to your paypal account you created)
  5. Bitcoin Snatcher (This guide will teach you how you can earn bitcoin as simple as ABC which is free of charge. Most members using the second option can make up 1 bitcoin in a very short period of time)



How Much Can I Make on GlobalAlat?

Our major focus is to enable you earn enough using the affiliate system.

However, you can make as much as you can when converting to cash. Note that GlobalAlat is not a quick rich scheme, so don’t expect to make millions overnight on this platform.

A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean.

Immediately you join GlobalAlat you have an opportunity to earn Gaps. Gaps are GlobalAlat coins. They can be redeemed for airtime, cash, products and services. See available earnings for free members

GlobalAlat pays you ₦1,000 Gaps for registering on our site

GlobalAlat pays you ₦50 Gaps for daily log in

GlobalAlat pays you ₦10 Gaps for reading and commenting on news

GlobalAlat  pays you ₦100 Gaps for publishing a news

GlobalAlat  pays you ₦100 Gaps for Ads Share

GlobalAlat  pays you ₦1,000 Cash for inviting someone. You also earn ₦100 cash from all your indirect referrals and ₦50 from your 3rd and 4th indirect referrals. Thats a whole lot of money to make if you know whats up.

GlobalAlat pays you up to ₦50,000 cash weekly In Gaps Market Place

GlobalAlat pays users ₦30,000 cash for Global challenge day

All this can be yours for a one time registration fee of ₦2,000


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