How it work

Make Money Online Globally In To Your Bank Account With GlobalAlat Income

It is crystal clear that the world is facing an indefinite economy recession and the goal to achieve human wants are on the greatest height! Every human is on the route to make life lite, easy and sweet void of hardship, sorrow and pain. “Everyone dreams of success, but only a few eventually realize their dreams because most of them cannot find a good platform suitable for their career.  GlobalAlat provides exactly such a platform for all who have longed for success and never stopped pursuing their dreams.”

What Is GlobalAlat ?

GlobalAlat is a terrific global news platform with an affiliate business in it. we are proud of our unique innovation, it is our assignment to offer you news in most ramifications and to pay you activities commission and affiliate commission for being a loyal reader on this platform, we are the first to be Global and thats why we are the greatest!

We are created under the auspices of Anoxzy Global Int’l Limited a register company with RC 1199677

Benefits Of GlobalAlat
With this blissful opportunity so that each member will enjoy legal making money online we’ve come up with this amazing features just for you

Monthly Glowiee Share  : Each activated member of GlobalAlat earns money Glowiees points, things that makes you earn such are daily logging in to GlobalAlat, reading and commenting on news that interest you, sharing of Ads on your facbook timeline and lots more… This Glowiee Points can be converted to cash and sent to you based on the revenue we receive

Affiliate Commission$: No business can ever grow without advertisement, here at GlobalAlat we are dedicated to paying you commissions for each persons you invite with your affiliate link, you earn $3 cash for each persons that joins GlobalAlat with your affiliate link, with our affiliate system you will be earning as high as $30 to $60 daily, once you follow our instructions, these commissions are sent directly to your bank or your payment options!

What Are The Requirement To Join GlobalAlat ?

→ Any mobile phone or computer with internet connection is okay.
→ Bank account where GlobalAlat can send your payments (salaries)
→ A one time registration  fee of $5 or the equivalent  ₦1,800 for those residing in Nigeria
→ A facebook account with at least 300 friends
→ Be a member with at least 5 or 8 groups on facebook

Below Are The Ways To Earn Money With GlobalAlat

1. As an affiliate you earn $3 for each invite
As a participant, you earn Glowiee points for your activities on GlobalAlat
2. GlobalAlat pays you $1 for your daily log in
3. GlobalAlat pays you $1 for reading news
4. GlobalAlat pays you $1 for commenting on our news
5. GlobalAlat pays you $1 for sharing our Glowiee Ads
6. GlobalAlat pays you $5 for registering on our site

These Glowiee points can be converted to cash at anytime !

How To Register And Get Started

There are two ways to make payments

  1. Payment can be made using Paypal, Paystack, Paystack, they handle most ATM cards. So you either pay with your debit/credit ATM card on Paypal or paystack gateway, to follow this option, click on the link below (kindly note that their is a $0.6 merchant fee to complete transaction, click on the button below to register and pay now) 


Register Your Account And Pay Online


2. The second way to make payment is though bank deposit, bank transfer/ app transfer / mobile transfer etc. To follow this steps,  make payments to our bank representative International or Nigeria account below


International Account ($5 only)

Name Of Bank      :     Guaranteed Trust Bank
Account name      :     Joshua Anozie
Account number :      426 959 482
Swift code              :      GTBINGLA


Nigeria Account ( ₦1,800 only)

Name Of Bank      :     Guaranteed Trust Bank
Account name      :     Joshua Anozie
Account number :     0426 959 475


After making payments,  click on the link below to register your account, you will be asked for transaction Ids or depositors name (a proof that shows that you paid), once this is verified, a coupon pin will be sent to your email address for you to activate your account by yourself


Paid Via Bank and Register Your Account