How it work

Kindly Read How GlobalAlat  Works  Including Registration Process

 GlobalAlat is an online news platform with a business/affiliate system in it. GlobalAlat business is designed to help everyone including you to earn money instantly, it’s a legitimate business created under the auspices of Anoxzy Global Int’l Limited a register company here in Nigeria with reg no of RC 1199677.

GlobalAlat wants to share her ads revenue (income) with you that’s why we need potential  people like you who will join us today. GlobalAlat we pay you (salaries) for your work. We can’t survive without you, that’s why we want you to join to read and comment on our news, we want you to view business ads and share our post on social networks. We want you to bring in all your friends / families / relatives etc who will join you in reading, viewing and commenting on our news and (we) GlobalAlat we pay you for your work 

What Is The Requirement To Join GlobalAlat ?

→ Any mobile phone or computer with internet connection is okay.
→ Bank account where GlobalAlat can send your payments (salaries) 
→ A one time registration  fee of $5 or the equivalent  ₦1,800
→ A facebook account with at least 100 friends
→ Be a member with at least 3 or 5 groups on facebook
How To Earn In GlobalAlat
There are many ways you can earn with GlobalAlat
GlobalAlat pays you $1 for each news you read and comment on 
GlobalAlat pays you $1 daily just for log in to your account 

GlobalAlat pays you $1 daily to view ads and comment them

GlobalAlat pays you $1 daily to share our sponsored post on social media 

GlobalAlat gives you FREE $2 as a registration bonus (this bonus reflects to your account instantly after registration) 

GlobalAlat pays you $3 cash for any of your friend /family /relatives etc who joins you in reading, commenting and sharing of our news (your friends will registers using your affiliate link to earn the commission)

Let say for instance you share your affiliate link on facebook and 20 of your friends join, which is $3 X 20 = $60 cash instantly, not to talk more about more people you bring in,  most top members of our site earn $100 to $300 daily,  through affiliate marketing.

Apart from this benefits income we have some bonus for you 

You will receive this new e-book from the admin. In this e-book you will learn the following 

  •  How to earn $105 from a US company 
  •  How to create website/blogsite in the cheapest way 
  •  How to earn $10 to $20 through Survey 
  •  How to create a verified PayPal account which you can send and receive money from it 

As member of GlobalAlat, you will be eligible to receive latest legit business which can also derives income 

How To Register And Get Started

To join GlobalAlat, you need to purchase membership with a token amount of $5 five dollars only (one time payment). Your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and paid for this pack. So make sure you have your $5 or the equivalent ₦1,800 now in your bank account

There are two ways to make payments 

  1. Payment can be made using Paystack, Paystack handles all Nigerian ATM cards and also some bank payment. So you either pay with your debit/credit ATM card on paystack gateway, to follow this option, click on the link below (kindly note that their is a ₦50 paystack fee to complete transaction) 

Register Your Account Using Paystack

2. Payment can be made though bank deposit, bank transfer/ app transfer / mobile transfer etc. To follow this steps,  make payments to Admin account below

GTBANK : Joshua Anozie 

0426 959 475

After making payments,  click on the link below to fill form 

click here to fill form

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