Glowiee Usage and Penalty

Hello Again,
We had clearly stated that the Glowiee points can be converted to cash based on the revenue the sites receives, so every points you earn is no waste by any means, if exhaust all revenue you dont receive your funds it will be pushed over to the next month.

However their are penalty for the misuse of the Glowiee points. kindly read below

if your Glowiee points fall under any of the these penalty, our Glowiee bot will delete your points 

1. Commenting foolishly or giving a baseless comment that has no sense with the post or commenting two words instead of giving a meaningful sentence will get your points deleted. these are the types of comment that relates to what we are trying to articulate :  O god,  hmmmm,  nice update,  nice one,  nawa o,  wow,  cool,  it, Hommm, Information, fine, Good update, Bad news, i see, okay, We appreciate, Confirm, Great effort  etc. points will be deleted for such behavior

2. Those who reply a person comment, rather than commenting, will get their their points deducted

3. Once the bot sees double comments of a single user, points will be deleted for such misbehavior

4. Not sharing our Glowiee post on your facebook timeline, right from the date you registered will get your points deleted

5. Using a fake facebook account that does not tally with your real name or not even related to the name of your bank account will get your whole points deleted…… this cleverly proves you are trying to scam the business.

6. Your facebook profile url will be checked, if we can’t see any post concerning GlobalAlat will get your points deleted

7. If you did not submit any news this will also get your points deleted. you must participate in all Glowiee activities to be eligible for withdrawal

8. Having no recent earning glowiee activity and trying to withdraw from old accrued points

If other discrepancy are found in your Glowiee account, you will have to face the penalty