Home News Former Barcelona Player, Luis Suarez Bids Farewell to the World.

Former Barcelona Player, Luis Suarez Bids Farewell to the World.


James Isaacs

There comes the time when the world gets to bid farewell to a superstar. Such is the case of Luis Suarez, former Barcelona and Inter Milan player. He was 88 years when he passed on Sunday. He was nicknamed “The Architect” winning the prestigious award in 1960 and later coached La Roja at the 1990 World Cup.

“Luis Suarez Miramontes has died this Sunday in Milan at 88 years old,” Barcelona had reported in a statement. “He played for Barca between 1954 and 1961 before going to Inter Milan, where he is also a legend.”

Inter Milan on their part wrote, “Saying goodbye to Luisito leaves us with a deep melancholy — the nostalgia of his perfect and inimitable football, which inspired generations, is combined with the memory of a unique footballer and a great, great Inter player.”

Born in 1935 in La Coruna, his career started at his home club, Deportivo La Coruna, before moving to Barcelona in 1954 where he won two La Liga trophies with the Catalan giants, among other silverware and earned the Ballon d’Or. He remains the only male Spaniard born on home soil to have won the Ballon d’Or.

Di Stefano in one of his final interviews before his death in 2014 elated Suarez as a ” stupendous player”, comparing him with fellow countrymen, Xavi (Hernandez) and (Andres) Iniesta.