Home News End of FIFA ban rekindles Zimbabwe’s World Cup hopes

End of FIFA ban rekindles Zimbabwe’s World Cup hopes


Otu George

Sports Minster and the chairperson of the Sports and Recreation Commission in Zimbabwe speak to the press following the lifting of the 18 month suspension of the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) by FIFA. The decision comes a few days before the draw for qualifying for the World Cup football competition. “I hope that we all take this opportunity with both hands and we run full speed ahead in ensuring that Zimbabwe becomes a global phenomenon in the world of soccer” says Kirsty Coventry, the Minister for Sport.

Zimbabwe on Tuesday welcomed the lifting of FIFA’s ban on the country’s football association which has rekindled their hopes of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

FIFA barred Zimbabwe from participating in international football in February 2022 over government interference in the running of the sport.