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The Use of Activation Code

An alternative way of making payment for registration is making use of our coupon code. You can get this through our accredited merchants. Your account will be approved within instantlys.


WARNING! Do not pay to anyone who is not among the listed merchant, be guided. You can Whatsapp them, call them them.

Note : if they vendors ask you for your password do not give it out, if they give you a link do not click on it, only get the coupon code from them to complete your registration and activation, if they begin to behave in a different way, kindly report such vendor to us :

Distributor’s NamePhone NumberCall or Whatsapp
Jolaade Adeyemi Mojisola08148339454Whatsapp
Joshua Anozie09032989974Whatsapp
David Chinagoro Ndukwe07084909776Whatsapp
Mr. Vincent okorafor 09090343477Whatsapp

Once you receive your coupon code you can click on the button below to register and activate your account, make sure you apply the coupon code given to you.


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