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Bobrisky Broke No Law, Nigerians Have No Right To Criticise Him – Morayo Afolabi


Oko Etee

Best Dressed Female award: Nigerians have no right to criticize Bobrisky as long as she hasn’t broken any law – TV Host, Morayo Afolabi-Brown

Nigeria media personality, Morayo Afolabi-Brown has stated that Nigerians have no right to criticize Bobrisky for winning the Best Dressed Female award at a function in Lagos last weekend.

Morayo argued that Bobrisky has not broken any law because he dressed like a woman. She argued that the Nigerian law frowns at same sex relationships but not against crossdressers.

‘’He is the conversation and is a very good example of the Nigerian factor. In one hand, Nigerians say they are against this, 14 years if you are caught trying to be with the same sex. There is no law against crossdressing, anybody can dress how they want to dress but the act or the perception of it, a person can be arrested or invited for questioning.

On one hand, Nigeria is like No, on the other hand, we see this and skirt around the issue. This is a man who is well protected , he has never been questioned, arrested for his choices because we have not even seen who he is dating because if he is indeed a woman, he should be dating a man.

There are conversations around this ‘Shim’ and it is confusing. So, when ‘shim’ goes for a competition with the ladies, why are we therefore feeling offended because ‘shim’ has changed body and ‘’shim’ is a woman.

This is my own stand. As long as this person has not broken any law, as long as the law has not arrested ‘shim’ for anything, we have no right to criticize ‘shim’ for winning a competition that ‘shim’ has offered herself to.

‘Shim’ is a Nigerian and should be respected and given that regard regardless of what ‘shim’ decides”