Chidera Obimma

🚨ABOUT MASON GREENWOOD: Here is my conclusive opinion on the management latest decision

I have read the comments on the previous post, and I must say I quite understand and agree with all your perspectives and opinion on both sides.

Here is one thing; Mason is gifted. And here is another; Mason is guilty.

Calm down, please. Just follow me. Forget about whether or not he has been acquitted, the video clip says otherwise. Personally, I feel the only reason why this case was blown away was because the victim and her family has given up on pursuing the case further because:

1. The lady in question is pregnant, and the future of the baby comes into play.
2. There have been some kind of underground arrangements between both families.
3. The court made a decision based on no concrete evidence.

While the previous post may not go down well with some of you, understand that I gave an opinion based on our financial issues and if at all we are going to send Mason on loan in a player plus cash deal, it should be for a proven and seasonal Goal Poacher like the likes of Kolo Muani and Ramos. I don’t make decisions for the management.

Do you want a striker who can press, score, and make incisive runs? United could easily get Victor Gykores as cheap as £25m.

Remember, there will be no room for excuses for ETH this season. And if you think Onana, Mount, and Höjlund will deliver us the league or any other major trophy, I laugh.


— obimma chidera