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Ellu P singer, Stephen Muoka has returned to his handwork which is mechanic.


Otu George

It’s interesting to hear that Ellu P singer Stephen Muoka has returned to his mechanic work. While I don’t have specific information about this individual, it’s not uncommon for people in the entertainment industry or viral sensations to pursue other careers or return to their previous professions due to various reasons.

Mazi Nwonwu’s comment about finding dignity in labor is a perspective that many people share. Engaging in honest work, regardless of the field, can be seen as respectable and a means to earn a living. The comment also highlights that skilled tradespeople like gear repair specialists can have successful careers and earn a good income.

It’s important to note that people’s career choices and transitions are personal decisions influenced by various factors, including financial considerations, personal fulfillment, or changes in circumstances. It’s not accurate to assume that someone has been abandoned solely based on a change in their occupation.

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