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Nigerians can now study in USA for free | Get full scholarship


There is scholarship for you today to study in any university in USA ! Do not miss this ample opportunity of applying and gaining scholarship

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?
I just want to let you know of this amazing opportunity of getting scholarship today to study in any school in USA.
Have you been wanting to study in USA universities? Are you searching for scholarships for your studies. This post is for you!

There are many universities in USA offering scholarships to international students like you. All you have to do in apply and get accepted

Before I list out the universities and programs offering scholarship you may want to know the benefits or advantages of studying in USA


Advantages of Attending an American University

1. Explore Vast Academic Opportunities

Higher education in the United States is known for offering a wide variety of degrees and study options to students. For this reason, there are often opportunities for students to choose a program of study that aligns with their specific interests and goals that may not be available to them in other countries.

With such a wide variety of study options available in the U.S., it can be challenging to decide which program one should pursue. In order to make this decision, it is important that students evaluate their personal and professional goals so that they can identify the degree program that is best suited to their aspirations.


2. Improve Your Career Opportunities

Whether you ultimately want to immigrate to the United States or return to your home country, earning a degree at a university in America has the potential to expand the future career opportunities available to you.


3. Perfect Your English

One of the best ways to become fluent in a new language is to fully immerse yourself in it, and perfecting your English skills during your time at a U.S. university can have some valuable benefits.


If you are a non-native English speaker, refining your skills can help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market, especially if you hope to work for an international organization. Having a strong knowledge of more than one language and culture can make you a valuable asset to any organization, as it demonstrates your cross-cultural communication skills.


4. Gain a Global Perspective

In addition to the vast array of academic and career development opportunities that international students are offered in the United States, pursuing education abroad allows for immense personal development. Studying at an American university gives students the chance to expand their global network, experience new cultures, and gain a global perspective.


“Studying at an American university exposes international students to different cultures that they might not have experienced otherwise. Not only are they learning in a different language and experiencing different cultural dynamics in the classroom, but life outside of the classroom is different too,”


5. Receive World-Class Student Support

While moving to a new country can feel intimidating, international students often have access to outstanding student support from their host university. From academic and career needs to personal development, American colleges and universities strive to provide students with the resources and support they need throughout this stage of their lives.

You can see the benefits of studying in the United States. But most of these schools are costly! This is why you will need a scholarship to scale through

Here are list of universities offering scholarship that will aid you greatly throughout your university studies in the United States

  1. The Kent State University Offers a wide range of International Scholarships based on the student’s merit. These scholarships range from partially funded to fully funded financial aids. Moreover, the University recognizes, supports and eases the transition for international students pursuing undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies. Further, the Kent State University makes the scholarship available to international students, who apply before the deadline.
    Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarship
    Merit-based Scholarship offers scholarships to academically talented students that don’t have the opportunity to take standardized U.S tests such as the SAT and ACT.
    Admission Requirements and Eligibility
    International new freshman with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on the US 4.0 scale
    Likewise, Unconditional Admission to Kent State University as a freshman
    One-time award ranges from $2,000-$15,000 will be distributed to an awardee who has been selected for this merit-based scholarship

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Arizona State University scholarships are provided to 84% of the undergraduate students of the university. ASU offers a limited number of scholarships to international students demonstrating high academic achievement. The university provides both merit based and need based scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs at ASU. The merit based scholarships are generally specified for college expenses.

Arizona State University scholarship for international students are offered by the university, its colleges or external organizations. Students can get a variable amount of ASU scholarships covering up to full tuition expenses. The university encourages all students to apply for the scholarships regardless of their family income. International students can apply for the scholarships through the university portal or external scholarship portal.

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3 Youngstown State University Scholarship

Scholarship for International Students

The Scholarship for International Students was established in 2000 by Stephen and Brigitta S. Hanzely. It awards up to $2000 in financial assistance for one year, payable for two semesters, to undergraduate international students studying at Youngstown State University. Awards shall be based primarily on academic merit; however, need shall also be considered. Recipients must be international students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program, who have studied at least one year at YSU and be active in YSU international student organizations and other campus events.

Apply Here

If you have any questions, please contact the International Programs Office at ipo@ysu.edu

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Cornell University Scholarship For International Students

Cornell University Scholarship 2023-2024 is a need based financial aid for international students. This scholarship is offered for undergraduate studies. This scholarship provides need‐based financial aid to admitted international students who have applied for financial aid and have demonstrated financial need This financial aid is awarded to those who apply for financial aid and have demonstrated financial need to receive Cornell University scholarships for Bachelor degree.

Cornell University was founded in 1865 . Like the philosophy at the time, the idea was to create an institution where any student would find any course he wanted to study. Though a private university of the Ivy League, it has a public mission in collaboration with the State University of New York.

Apply Now 

Florida State University Scholarship for international students….
Scholarships offered by the Office of Admissions are typically awarded at the time of your acceptance as a first-year student. All accepted students are automatically considered for a scholarship. The scholarship criteria can vary from year-to-year depending on the academic profile of the incoming class and the funds that are available. Scholarships are very competitive and awarded based on academic merit (combination of academic weighted grade point average AND test scores). Students who are awarded a scholarship have typically earned no grades below B. Scholarship funds are limited, so students are encouraged to apply for admission by December 1. Typically, students will only receive one merit scholarship from the Office of Admissions. To ensure the greatest likelihood of receiving financial support to attend Florida State University, you should apply early for admission and financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid awards assistance each year to eligible students in the form of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans. Additionally, Florida State has resources that can help you find private sources of aid to attend college.
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Master Card Foundation Scholarship

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

Every year, the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship gives talented students across Africa the opportunity to pursue their academic dreams. These crop of students are drawn from the indigent in the society, who are highly gifted, but whose dreams may be hampered by lack of the necessary wherewithal to see through their goals and aspirations.

The Mastercard Foundation realizes that education can serve as a tool for socio-economic change, a tool for transforming Africa’s teeming youths into leaders who will bring about the transformation the continent needs, and locally contribute to the development of their communities.

With this vision in mind, the program is providing financial, social and academic support to these scholars. The financial package includes tuition fees, accommodation, books and other resource materials. The financial package is not restricted to the aforementioned, as other perks may accrue to the intending scholars. The scope and field of studies eligible for this program vary from Institution to Institution.

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These all we have now about scholarship. We will keep on updating new scholarship on this page as soon as we see one. feel free to bookmark this page so that you won’t miss out on any scholarship news




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