Home News Ossai, converted to Islam to marry his wife, May Haidar

Ossai, converted to Islam to marry his wife, May Haidar


A Nigerian man, Ossai, converted to Islam to marry his wife, May Haidar, because of the love he has for her.

He wrote:
“I went to see my dad and told him about it, at first he was not happy cos he was skeptical about the convertion and scared if he would go back to his old religion. My dad finally accepted and we did an introduction 4th June and wedding preparations started, we were supposed to get married in October but he lost his mum so we shifted the date and Alhamdulillah it came to pass,” she said.


In a post on her Instagram page, May Haidar, from Kaduna state, wrote;

“Alhamdulillah I get to share my life experiences with you ERKEGIM. I am grateful that we took the steps together amidst the trials, hurdles and difficulties of life … I know the life ahead won’t be all rosy, but with Allah we will be fine…. Thank you for sacrificing alot for me, I won’t take it for granted…. The best part of my existence is with you, for you and by you,”

“Congratulations to my lovely wife and I. She’s the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. The absolute Love of my life” he wrote.


What do you have to say about this ?

What does the bible teaches ?

Can a true follower of Jesus Christ walk away ?

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