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Craig David then and now photos unbelievable


The transformation of British singer, Craig David in his physical looks, fills me with so much amazement.

Today, his popular song, “7 days” popped up in my head from only-God-knows-where, and I quickly ran to google to keep tab with his present realities, and bro, his photos I saw looked totally strange to me.




The young, sëxy, feminine-beauty-like looks of his in the early 2000s, which I’m acquainted with, has given way to a masculine, macho man-like version.

Sincerely, I could’ve sworn the picture on the left isn’t Craig. But then, growth & maturity can come with a total transformation of physical appearance, and sadly, physiognomic changes as well.



I sincerely miss the old Craig. But then, it’s just nostalgia. Man has grown!
Tho his current look got people wondering if he is healthy.

“Born to Do it” is a great body of work. I can’t forget ‘Fill me in’, ‘Walking Away’ and ‘Once in a Life Time’.

I miss those days, of beautiful and heart touching music.

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