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Atiku meets with Wike, promises to support him for president in 2027


Both president candidate Atiku and Wike had a close meeting in Abuja to settle their differences !

It was reported by The Nation that Atiku pledged to support Wike’s presidential bid in 2027 if Wike agrees to sheathe his sword and support him (Atiku) in the 2023 election.


Wike was non-committal to Atiku because of past breaches of commitment, it was gathered. The governor reportedly said he would consult his group and revert to Atiku.


A source, who was privy to what transpired, told the publication;


“Again, Atiku extended the olive branch to Wike. He pleaded with the governor to look at the bigger picture of winning the 2023 poll.

He asked Wike to prevail on his group to join the PDP campaign train.

Atiku promised to be fair to all PDP members despite the differences of the past few weeks which were caused by the outcome of the party’s presidential primaries.”


Another highly-placed source said Atiku offered to support Wike in 2027 if he gives necessary support to him in the ongoing campaign.


“Wike was not forthcoming and he avoided an outright commitment to Atiku’s request to be part of the PDP campaign team. He told Atiku that he would go and consult with his team and get back to him. So, he has kept Atiku in suspense again. We don’t know what the governor and his strategists will say.”


A source in Wike’s camp said


“The governor wasn’t excited about the 2027 poll prospect because he made the Igbo a similar offer in Enugu a few days ago.

The major challenge which Wike felt Atiku did not address was trust deficit. Our camp is of the opinion that Atiku doesn’t walk the talk on any agreement or issue because of pressure here and there.

This crisis would not have reached this level if Atiku had kept faith with London talks and unwritten agreement with Wike. Our group will soon meet on the latest overtures from Atiku.”

Source : Linda Ikegis blog

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