Trump forced to defend Nebraska in contest for single electoral vote

President Trump was forced on Tuesday to travel to Nebraska’s Second Congressional District to try to fend off a challenge from Joe Biden, who leads in polls tracking the battle for a single electoral vote.


Trump said at an outdoor rally in Omaha that : “Seven days from now, we’re going to win Nebraska,” “You know we have to win both Nebraskas, you’re two, you’re cut.”


“Nebraska we know is looking great,” Trump said. “I mean, in theory, I didn’t really have to be here, but it’s nice to be with your friends.

Trump is projected to easily win the remainder of the solidly Republican state’s five electoral votes, but if the race turns out to be close, capturing the Omaha-based congressional district could propel Biden to the presidency.

Though Trump won the Second District in 2016 by 2 points, according to an average of polls compiled by the website FiveThirtyEight, Biden now leads there by 6.7 points.

“Joe Biden doesn’t even respect you enough to campaign here. He never came here, did he come here?” Trump said.

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