#ENDSARS protest Youths stealing goods from a trailer

Look at fellow Nigerians that has been
clamoring for change and reform in a sector of our economy stealing what they know that belongs to their fellow citizens.

How can you steal people’s goods because the trailer conveying the goods had an accident.

This is very wrong no matter how you want to look at it, some Nigerians truly deserve worse than sars


Due to this incident, some may say that Nigeria is corrupt, IN and OUT, however this does not prove that by any means! this has generally  been a tradition of Nigerians youth in wants, but if the government have been doing their work from the on set, then their will be little or no stealing in the minds of the youths


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3 Thoughts to “#ENDSARS protest Youths stealing goods from a trailer”

  1. Enesi Joshua

    This are people using the opportunity to steal. This is not the motive of #ENDSARS protesters

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