Thursday Promo GlobalAlat : Get $4 per invite

Today is Thursday, which is GlobalAlat promo day, today, you get $4 cash for each person you invite in GlobalAlat
so i will advice you not to miss this opportunity, $4 cash is equivalent to N1400 cash, imagine, if you get 10 people today, which is N1400 X 10 = N14,000 Cash Gidigham, so don’t miss this at all.

These are  your affiliate link below


Direct affiliate link to website :

Affiliate link to registration page :

Direct affiliate link to how it works  :

You can give your link through inbox on facebook. Conduct whatsapp seminar / telegram, write on a blog etc or other platform for your promotion.

You get $4 cash commission each time someone registers and activate their account using your affiliate link TODAY


Tips on how to get referrals on GlobalAlat
1 Join lots of Facebook group
2. Advertise there and collect people WhatsApp number
3. Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group
4. Set your group only Admins to comment to avoid spam.
5. Add at least over 150 people to your whatsapp group daily trust me you are going to be making over 100k monthly
6. Tell them about the business and how it works.
7. Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our Facebook group.
You need to be doing it consistently even when you see no result, just know that there’s a beautiful day ahead
Register them and start making cool cash daily.
Promo Begins By 10:00Am and ends by 3:00Pm Today


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  1. This GlobalAlat offer is nice and so cool. Let me start hustling for friends to join and start enjoying from GlobalAlat too!

  2. This is cool by globalalat , their offer is OK . it’s time for me to invite more friends to join

  3. This is really nice plaform. Let me hustle to invite more people to join globalalat so that I can benefit in Thursday promo.

  4. Eh hustling time ooo, where are my friends

  5. This is a good opportunity to grab cool money

  6. Globalakat best platform ever. Let me hustle to invite more people and to benefit from Thursday promo.

  7. This is the best platform to join and I will invite more friends to join.

  8. Such a good ptomo abd it should be well utilized

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