Wizkid At The Background In Dagrins Throwback Photo

Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, also known as Dagrin, was a Nigerian rapper from Ogun, Nigeria. A film of his life entitled Ghetto Dreamz was released in April 2011.

This throwback pics along side Wizkid passed a lot of message never to give up rather continue pushing till you achieve your aim.

It’s 10 years now. Pop star Dagrin, a true music legend, his rap style helped others to green light.

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94 Thoughts to “Wizkid At The Background In Dagrins Throwback Photo”

  1. Wow, it been long time coming. Hard work pays

  2. Wow, Dirgreen and wizkid in that beautiful picture. What a nice memory lane.

  3. Always good to be focused in whatever you find yourself doing you’ll surely get to promise land

  4. Legend of the rapper has gone , continue to rest in peace

  5. Na waoo all these wrappers na the same.

  6. We really miss dagrin
    How I wish I could turn back d hands of d clock
    Niger legendary rapper
    U still remain in our heart

  7. Na waoo all these wrappers na the same.

  8. As time flies. I loved his raps. Wizkid a boy then but now a guy with riches and fame. If he was told then that he will be this rich and famous, he will never believe it. But that is how life is. You never can tell whose turn it is tomoro.

  9. Wizkid very small in this picture..dagrin rest in perfect peace

  10. WizKid has always been there but we didn’t notice him because he wasn’t made,chai money is good

  11. Nice one.. Nva get distraction from ur dreams

  12. This is a wonderful and informative platform

  13. RIP dagrin you will forever remain in our hearts

  14. Can you see the transformation from then to now for wizkid

  15. That’s life for you, you can see that on the throwback photo Dagrin was the artist to reckon with as the happening guy but today is Wizkid all the way!
    Is a lesson not to undermine anybody in life and never thinks it’s over concerning your future. for only God destined.

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